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Legaxy was born Marquis Clergè on March 11th,1990 in Panama City, Florida. Legaxy’s family relocated to Brooklyn, New York when he was only two years old. Maturing in the Hip Hop Mecca just two decades after the genre’s emergence, and during its transformation into a culture derived from violence and crime and pain and struggle, Legaxy was so easily influenced because the music related directly to his circumstances.  Hip Hop was an actual part of Legaxy’s Legacy, with his two uncles Sen and Tony being local artists in Brooklyn , New York. Hip Hop flowed from his uncle down to him.  He was inspired from an early age and it is only natural that four of his top six rappers are from NY as well.  Some of his favorites are: 1. Jay Z (Brooklyn, New York)  2. Tupac (East Harlem/Manhattan, New York) 3. The Notorious B.I.G. (Brooklyn, New York) 4. Mos Def (Brooklyn, New York)  5. Common (Chicago, Illinois) 6. Kanye West (Chicago, Illinois)  Legaxy is of Haitian descent, his grandfather escaped Haiti’s captivity and came to America to grind and free his family as well. After establishing himself in Brooklyn, New York, he brought his family over from Haiti. Legaxy’s mother was receptive to her father’s hustler mentality and Legaxy also possesses the gene, but that does not mean he did not experience struggles growing up. With seven siblings, he had to learn how to provide himself with basic necessities at a very early age. Legaxy’s family moved back south to South Carolina where he experienced complete culture shock, he left the projects to live in a podunk town with a population of approximately 600 people. Everything was just different, from the food to the slang, the accents, the girls, and of course the music. New York was still dominating with artists like 50 Cent (Jamaica Queens, New York) who’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying” went Platinum that year, Fabolous (Brooklyn, New York), DMX (Yonkers, New York), and the history making drop of Jay Z’s “The Black Album” which expressed the legendary rapper’s desire to retire from rapping.  Southern sounds ranged from Missy Elliot (Portsmouth, Virginia) to Atlanta, Georgia artists Outkast and Ludacris.  Legaxy easily adapted because of his natural ability to perform, his display of talents, and his New York background made him likeable to his peers. They were accepting of his differences, but there was nothing Legaxy loved more about being the “new kid” than freestyle battles he would have on the playground, his flow was unlike all the others and its ultimately when he noticed his STAR qualities. Legaxy made friendships and bonds in South Carolina, he wrote many poems, raps, love letters, affirmations, and songs during the course of his life in the country town. He was motivated by his English teacher, but his biggest encouragement to pursue music was seeing several of his friends die from senseless acts of crime and gang violence.  In 2008 following his graduation from high school, Legaxy attended the Art Institute of Florida, where he attended art shows and networked with other artistic individuals. Legaxy not only raps, but he is a very talented singer and a charismatic performer. People are drawn to his creative personality, his positive vibes, and his artistic abilities.